Black Sheep 4x4s

Jeep & 4x4s of the Months Winners 2012


January 2012 Undertaker at Citrus, Fl

February 2012 MrSig in the Everglades

March 2012 WhiteShepherd in Bear Island



April 2012 Kyliewyotie in Bear Island


May 2012 Rubber Ducky in Bear Island


June 2012 Hunter at Citrus, Fl


July 2012 WhiteShepherd at Citrus, Fl


August 2012 rcastell69 at Citrus, Fl


September 2012 MrSig at Citrus, Fl


October 2012 Is WhoNeed4WD Flex going on at 4 Wheel Parts Mia,Fl


November 2012 is reddz at Broward County West side, playing on equipment


Jeep and 4x4 of the Year Shoot Out 2012: Winner is MrSig at Citrus, Fl.


Jeep & 4x4s of the Months Winners 2013

Undertaker in Citrus, Florida


WhiteShepherd at Bear Island,fl


rcastell69 At a show in Pompano Beach, Fl


Mrsig at Citrus, Fl


Offroad at Jeep Beach, Fl


rcastell69 in Toco TJ at Citrus,Fl


Dusty at Lazy Springs, Fl


Mrsig at Lazy Springs, Fl


rcastell69 at Gulches South Carolina


Offroad at lazy Springs,Fl


Offroad at Gulches Off-road Park, SC


Jeep and 4x4 of the Year Shoot Out 2013: Winner is MrSig at Citrus, Fl.


 2014 Winners JimMariner at Lazy Springs, Fl


Dusty Winner 02.14 at Lazy Springs, Fl

WhiteShepherd at Bear Island,fl 05.16


Rebelord92 Winner 03.14 at Lazy Springs, Fl


954JeepLife Winner 04.14 at Lazy Springs, Fl


Deputy Dog Winner 05.14 at Citrus, Fl

JimMariner Winner 06.14

bubbaduss Winner 07.14

JimMariner Winner 08.14


Mrsig Winner 09.14


Deputy Dog Winner 10.14 at lazy Springs, Fl


bills1974 11.14 at Rescue and Recovery Training


Jeep and 4x4 of the Year Shoot Out 2014: Winner is MrSig at Citrus, Fl.


bills1974 01.15 at Rescue and Recovery Training


JimMariner 02.15 at Lazy Springs, Fl

Black Sheep 4x4s 03.15 at the State Forest


Undertaker 04.15 Bear Island, Fl


Dusty 05.15 at Lazy Springs

Mrsig 06.15 at Citrus, Fl


Renegade Jane 07.15 Weston's 4th of July Parade

Capt Stu: Cooper City Vet function 09.15


Dusty in the State Forest


JimMariner at the State Forest


Jeep & 4x4 of 2015 winner is Mrsig at Citrus Florida


JimMariner at Lazy Springs 01.16


Ricky Bobby at Milts Mile Sand Hollow St George, UT 02.16


JimMariner at Citrus 03.16


Hunter at Citrus 04.16


TRAIL DOG in Citrus


Dusty at Citrus. Fl

Mrsig @ Citrus, Fl


Trail Dog at Lazy Springs


JimMariner at Citrus


BlueBetty15 @ Withlacoochee

Jeep & 4x4 of 2016 winner is Jim Mariner at Citrus Florida

Mrsig @ Lazy Springs


JimMariner at Lazy Springs 02.17


Behemoth @ Bartow, FL


BlueBetty at Hard Rock


TRAIL DOG @ The Morris Show


Rae Rae and Little Betty at Ocala


White Shepherd at Bear Island


NekkidSoles @ Lazy Springs


Blue Betty @ the Morris Show

JimMariner at Lazy Springs 10.17


NekkidSoles  @ The Pits Citrus Ride Jeeptoberfest


Jeep and 4x4 of the Year Shoot Out 2017: Winner is MrSig at Citrus, Fl.


cane @ the State Forest.


JimMariner at Citrus, Fl


TRAIL DOG @ Citrus, Fl


MrsSig @ Lazy Springs


Mrsig @ Citrus Fl


anthony20031 @ Lazy Springs


Hunter @ Lazy Springs


SiriousJK @ The State Forest.